Camp Observations from Wednesday.

*Day back after an off day can sometimes be sloppy and guys can be off but this team was on and guys looked sharp. Good crisp practice and the tempo went well.

*  Pierre Garcon who is dealing with a hamstring issue from Monday's practice, he did come out with a helmet but quickly got taken away and he monitored practice as did safety Phillip Thomas who was out today and tweaked his hammy and is day to day.

*  Right Tackle Tyler Polumbus was out of practice today, I was told it was an excused personal family matter) so Tom Compton worked in at RT.Some asked why not Morgan Moses, who Jay Gruden said would eventually work at both positions?  Well, for right now Morgan needs to focus on work at getting better at left tackle and isn't close to ready to run with the first string at right tackle. You gotta walk before you can run.

*  Everette Brown was out there today still getting acclimated, we will talk about him more with Tarik El Bashir at 420pmEST

*  I actually watched punters today.....yes punters.  But with the need for Special Teams to be significantly better, the punter will factor in and right now its Robert Malone out-kicking his competition Blake Clingnan by both distance and with hang time.  The way both punted today, Malone was clearly the better punter.  Maybe just a day? Maybe the answer? Something to watch.

*  Finally, there was a moment today in practice where Robert Griffin III took off down the left hand side of the field in a full fledged sprint.  It was tough to tell originally if it was a designed run, a botched handoff, or a zone read play.  (I thought it was a designed run.)  Turns out, he "Saw something" and took off. (which later prompted Jay Gruden to ask, what the hell he was doing???!?!")

The point in bringing this up was it was a natural decision by Robert and it showed speed and confidence.

Not that I want to see Robert running all season long but when he has too,he isn't showing a shred of being reluctant.

What he's also showing is speed. Another sign of a being a full year removed from surgery, no knee brace and a lot more confidence.

 Added Note from Mike Jones of the Washington Post: The Redskins have signed defensive end Jake McDonough to a contract, his agent, Glen Lansky said Wednesday afternoon.