Upon further review, the Redskins got a bargain for DeSean Jackson.

As I have said over the past few days, if I were the GM of the Redskins I would passed on DeSean Jackson because I felt it would take an investment to acquire the WR.

I thought at least $9 million a year and a contract in the range of 4-5 years.

Turns out, the Redskins got a bargain at least for the first two years of a 3 year deal and at $16 million guaranteed, it's decent money to spend on a guy who is 27 and in the prime of his career.

The red flags are still there and I dont think a bird changes his feathers and this will end with a disgruntled Jackson wanting to get more on an annual basis but I see this as a deal where the risk is worth the reward.

Now as the Redskins love to do their captured the "Offseason title". Will this transition to a real title? We will see.This team still has a lot of issues on defense, on the o-line and lack of depth.

They also have a big question mark in the man who will be throwing to this talented WR crew-their quarterback. Another weapon given to RG puts more on the 3rd year QB to get the job done this season.

Much more at 3pm.