1) Will the Nationals get healthy?

When will this team be able to get their Opening Day lineup on the field? Can they get their opening day on the field? Lately it’s been get one guy back lose another one!  When do they get healthy and how are they in the standings when they get there?

2) Will the Heat make it three in a row?

Now they have to get through the Pacers first but right now they way they are playing, is anybody getting through the Spurs?  Can we get a rematch of last year?-Sure, I will order that up!

3) Will Lebron James opt out of his contract? Will the Big 3 opt out? Is this it? Does it matter if they win it all? Does losing factor in-do they say it was a good run and see you later or do they say, we need more?

 I really don’t believe Lebron is going back to Cleveland but what happens when the next decision has to be made?

4) Will Tiger Woods golf in a Major? We have gone from can Tiger win a Major to will Tiger actually golf in a Major. Hank Haney was on with us last week and said the US Open will not be possible. So when and how will he look?

5) How does the US do in the World Cup? No Landon Donovan? In the Group of Death! Either it will be a short stay or a heck of a ride.

6) Will we get a Triple Crown?  Will California Chrome be able to pull off the feat that hasn’t been done since 1978. Because of “I’ll Have Another” some are holding their breath until the race begins and then….will it be 3 in a row?

7)  What will the structure of the NCAA look by the end of the summer? With change on the horizon and with the Power 5 conferences looking for autonomy, what type of power is given to them and what additional perks and changes will be given to the student athletes?

8) Who wins the Hokies QB job? Mark Leal and Brenden Motley didn’t do enough to impress or take a leader in the clubhouse role so what happens when Texas Tech QB Michael Brewer rolls in.  It should be interesting in exactly how quickly this is narrowed down to two candidates before we find out who gets the first week nod.

9) Will Michael Sam make the Rams roster?         We will know by Labor Day if he makes the Rams 53 man roster.

Last but not least…..

10) Will ground be broken on a new ballpark in Richmond or will things fall apart in this city again.