Rebkee has developed a privately financed alternative for a baseball stadium at the Boulevard that was featured in today's Times-Dispatch. Our original goal was to have additional discussions with City officials before the plan was made public, but the news article today has caused us to unexpectedly change those plans. Our goal is to provide an alternative which, should the Bottom proposal not be successful, would allow for continued use of the Boulevard site for baseball while still allowing the redevelopment proposed by the Mayor.  


Our development team for this project is led by Rebkee principal Rob Hargett and is made up of several local investors. Rebkee is a full service real estate development company headquartered in Midlothian, VA. Founded in 1991 Rebkee has projects throughout Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.


Rebkee is the developer of the $40 million Interbake (FFV) Building redevelopment that is helping revitalize the area around Boulevard and Broad Street. Rebkee also recently built a CVS at Broad Rock and Walmsley Boulevard and also owns property near VCU. Rebkee is also invested in Shockoe Bottom and completed the United Paper Co. apartments renovation and recently purchased more than $1 million of properties and is committed to working to see that neighborhood continue to thrive. 


The entire Interbake ownership group is part of the team that would develop the ball park. This includes Dan Gecker, whose office is located in Shockoe Bottom and whose company recently announced additional real estate development in the Manchester section of the City. It also includes Steve Leibovic, who has developed and owns numerous other properties in the City including the nearby Southern Stove Works.


Statement from the Flying Squirrels:

The Squirrels have always believed that plans for a new ballpark should be made in accordance with the best interests of the City of Richmond. Mayor Jones and his administration have determined that the Squirrels' new home should be part of a dynamic redevelopment of Shockoe Bottom. We support the Mayor's vision and look forward to being an anchor resident in the new Shockoe Bottom as part of this major transformation of Richmond.”


Lou DiBella – President & Managing General Partner, Richmond Flying Squirrels