5 Most Interesting Teams going into the offseason and next season (besides Seattle and Denver)

5) New Orleans- they have the quarterback and this year they looked like the finally got an aggressive defense to compliment and aggressive offense.  What will that Rob Ryan be like in it's 2nd year when they settle in and add a few parts?

The big question is what happens with Jimmy Graham and does New Orleans pay to keep him? That's Brees guy. He was the leading receiver on the team. If they don't pay him, who do they bring him.

Saints finally have a defense, they don't want to take away from the offense.

4) Carolina-The NFC for many years had one team be at the top and the next season be at the bottom. Will that be the case for the Panthers?

New Orleans has Drew Brees and Atlanta will bounce back from an injury plagued down year. What will Carolina do?

Cam Newton took a leap forward in his career last year. He realized he didn't do it all and utilized the weapons he had. Carolina has their quarterback and now that piece of the puzzle is fixed.

They also have their anchor on defense with standout Luke Kuechly who led the #2 defense in the league behind Seattle but they also have to figure out what to do with Greg Hardy. The man nicknamed the Kraken had 15 sacks this year and Ron Rivera said it's hard to picture this defense with out Hardy. Carolina doesn't want to do that.

This team can now build around those foundation pieces. What will they add will be interesting to watch in Free Agency and the Draft.


3) The Indianapolis Colts- Did you see what Andrew Luck did this year? Well he did it with an offense that lacked weapons, they traded for Trent Richardson which resulted him at one point saw him being sent to the bench. They lost Reggie Wayne, that had a C average offensive line, and a middle of the pack defense.

They also beat San Fran, Seattle,and Denver.

Luck had greater growth then any of his draftmates from the 2012 class and he also has the traits of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady where he makes us learn names, he makes us find weapons like TY. Hilton. But he needs more?

The Richardson trade leaves them without a pick.

Let's see what Ryan Grigson does to try to stay atop the division which will get better and be more interesting with Houston's new start and can they take a step up in the conference.

2) Philadelphia Eagles- I put them #2 just because of the amount of potential I think they have AND the amount of the questions they have.

Here are all my questions about: What does Chip Kelly do for his sophomore year? Is Nick Foles really the franchise QB? Let's remember Foles didnt win the starting job going into last year and didnt really find a groove until Week 9 in Oakland.

Will this team bring back Jeremy Maclin or Riley Cooper? If not, who do they add?The Eagles do have money and a good chunk of draft picks but in addition to their questions on offense, they have needs on defense. They need a pass rusher or two which was lacking all year and in the playoff game vs New Orleans.  They also need to add to that secondary.

The Eagles and Chip Kelly look to be on to something but is next year another step forward or a step back?

1) The Bears- They answered their Million Dollar Mystery immediatley after the season when they locked up Jay Cutler. In my opinion, it was a move they had to make.  Like last year- Dallas with Tony Romo and Baltimore with Joe Flacco-Chicago had two options: Dance with who you have or make the bet you can definetly find somebody better?

I think the Bears made the right choice. You have Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffrey, Brandon Marshall, and Martellus Bennett. The Bears build up their offensive line including Kyle Long who was a Pro Bowler in his rookie year.

You only have a short window where you have all this together.

Now the questions are: will Cutler stay healthy?   And who do they draft or bring in free agency to help this defense that was 30th in the NFL. (For those scoring at home, that is 3rd to last.)