As you can imagine,all the talk down here is around Florida State the defending National Champs.

This year the ACC issued the most media credentials and the two reasons are:1) Jameis Winston and 2) the defending National Champs.


We had to fill out our ACC Ballot's and my predicted order of finish (my ballot) Atlantic-Florida State,Clemson,Louisville,Syracuse,NC State, BC,Wake Forest Coastal-Virginia Tech, Miami, UNC, Pitt,Duke, GT,UVA



Preseason ACC Player of the Year-Jameis Winston


(Remind you I had Clemson and Miami last year with Taj Boyd as ACC Player of the there's your kiss of death)


Other topics today included:

*The Power 5 and whether or not they will get autonomy-the date to watch is August 7 to see if more power is granted to these schools.

*Topic on the Agenda of the Power 5 include better longterm health insurance for players, health and safety needs, full cost of attendance, scholarships that will be honored if an athletic career comes to an end or a player leaves early. Commissioner John Swofford said he would be surprised if the structure wasn't approved in August.

*There is also talk about planning for future safety ideas that include a helmet camera and communication systems between coaches and quarterbacks.

*Early Signing Period was discussed with the possibility that it could take effect this fall but is still to be determined.


*Commissioner Swofford was "personally pleased" of this year finally bringing a four team playoff(he had been one along with Mike Slive of the SEC championing this cause) *The Commissioner also did a little tap dancing today around the re-opened UNC investigation and could not (for legal reasons) talk about the continued courtroom battle of Maryland being held to their exit fee.