1)    Mike Shanahan said there is a plan for Robert Griffin III after Tennessee but would not reveal it (Not shocking.)

2)    The head coach also commented that #10 has had good arm strength, no swelling and no set backs. (Then jokingly commented that he wouldnt tell us anyway.) The head coach was in good spirits.

3)    Brandon Merriweather would like to make a go of it on Monday and see how he is feeling and the head coach said he would check things out in individual drills and see how Merriweather looked.

4)    Brandon had a little fun with a few of us in the media after we failed to inform him Donte' Stallworth was sneaking up behind him and messing with his hair. Merriweather said we all couldnt be friends after not letting him know. Hopefully, he know why I was trying not to laugh while staring him in the face.(It wasnt personal Brandon.)

5)    Trent Williams was part of Saturday's practice but did have a cast on his left wrist.

6)    Kicker John Potter made a 63-yard field goal in practice. Shanahan said for him to do that should give him a lot of confidence.(He wont beat out Kai but Potter keeps kicking those bombs somebody will pick him up.)

7)    Talked to both Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan about the new rule that players must wear knee and thigh pads.When asked about adjustments or getting used to wearing the pads, Orakpo said "I dont think so. If these things affect your game, you must suck." Good point.

8)    Brandon Jenkins told me the only thing he is doing on his day off is watching HBO all day. Jenkins stood out on 11 on 11 for two sacks.......but also an offsides. (He's a work in progress but I'm still big on this guy down the road."

9)    Good catch by Rich Campbell  of the Washington Times to catch RG3 and RG2 having a catch.

It was a Griffin family reunion with Mom, Dad, his niece,and other family, but Robert's first move post practice and autographs while still covered in sweat, was to walk right up to his new bride Rebecca and give her a long hug and kiss. (She was a good sport and laughed while her much in need of a shower husband tried to gross her out)

10) Stretcher count-#7. I saw 7 people taken out on a stretcher by EMT's during practice. Hydrate people. HYDRATE!