While most of the world watched with their jaws dropped, and their fingers on the keyboard, Germany’s 7-1 crushing of Brazil in the World Cup semifinals was one of historic proportions. It was also a record breaking day for social media as the match broke the twitter record for most tweets with 35.6 million, previously held by Super Bowl 48 between the Broncos and the Seahawks which was 24.9 million. Here are some other World Cup and team records that both Germany and Brazil set in the process.



Most goals in a seminal match: 7

Largest semifinal win: +6

Most goals in first 29 min. of a match: 5

Most goals in first half of a semifinal match: 5

Also with striker Miroslav Klose’s goal in the 23rd minute he became the World Cup’s all-time leading goal scoring with 16.



Worst loss by a host country: -6

First competitive loss in Brazil since 1975

Worst defeat since a 6-0 loss to Uruguay in the 1920 Copa America

First time since 1938 Brazil lost a World Cup semifinal, won previous 6

The first time Brazil has ever allowed 7 goals in the World Cup. It has only given up more once in any match, in a 8-4 loss to Yugoslavia in a 1934 friendly