As the snow continues to fall in the RVA, it made me remember an earlier blog post that I did about the best sporting events I watched that were played in bad weather, so here again are my top 5.


1 –2011 NHL Winter Classic – Capitals vs. Penguins – I was so psyched to see the Capitals in the Winter Classic that year, and it was even better because it was against the dreaded Pittsburgh Penguins. But heavy rains throughout the entire day and night just made the ice a slick and sloppy mess. The Caps did end up winning though 3-1. This was also the game where Washington laid into Sidney “Crybaby” Crosby causing concussions that would take him out for the rest of the season.


2 – 2002 AFC Divisional Round – Patriots vs. Raiders – Also known as the Oakland snow job, the snow was coming down so heavy you could barely see what was going on. If it wasn’t for the Raiders’ jersey numbers being black you wouldn’t be able to see them at all. Of course this game is also infamous for the creation of the now defunct “tuck rule”.  


3 - 2008 World Series Game 5 – Rays vs. Phillies – In what turned out to be a two day baseball game, Philadelphia was all set to bring home the World Series that night. With the Phillies coming into this one up 3 games to 1, Mother Nature made everyone know she had other plans. The game looked like it was going to avoid the weather but it ended up turning into a muddy, soggy, just plain miserable night. MLB postponed the game in the bottom of the sixth, picked it up the next day and the Phillies won the World Series in 3 ½ innings.


4 - 2007 NFL Regular Season Week 15 – Bills vs. Browns – Did you ever think a game between Buffalo and Cleveland would make a list! This game was the definition of playing football in all weather elements, including blizzards. But I don’t know what fact was more surprising? That they actually played this game, or that the Browns were in playoff position at the time. The wind was so bad the Browns scored on a safety after the Bills tried to punt and the snap went over the punter and then past the end zone. Cleveland managed to win the game 8-0 which was the first time that score ever happened since 1929.


5 – 2007 NFL Regular Season Week 12 – Dolphins vs. Steelers –Who doesn’t love a rainy football game?! But on this night it was painful for anybody involved; on the field, in the stands, or watching Monday Night Football. Heinz field took on so much rain that at one point a Miami punt was muffed when it sunk straight into the ground. Pittsburgh ended up winning 3-0, and the Dolphins record went to 0-11 en route to a 1-15 season. This game also ended up being the lowest scoring game in MNF history.