Some of you may or may not have heard about the grassroots campaign that’s been going on since 2012 to bring a hockey team back to Richmond. The group has been picking up steam here lately and will have a fan interest group meeting June 3rd at the Capital Ale House downtown. Now this will not be a meeting to announce ownership or anything like that, but it will gage the interest of fans that want hockey back in the RVA, and will include guest speakers from the sports business world to shed light on the possibilities of achieving the group’s goal. Hockey fans, especially old Renegades and Riverdogs fans, are encouraged to attend and help the popularity of the campaign keep growing. In the words of Fletcher from XL 102, “Want hockey back in RVA?  Help spread the word!  It might not move mountains to make it happen, but it couldn't hurt, right?” 


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Bring Hockey Back to Richmond Group Meeting, Tuesday June 3rd 2014, Capital Ale House Downtown at Main and 7th Street